Turkish Dolomite Marbles stand out from the foregroundwith thin crystals and tight base structure and with white character.

The equivalent of Dolomite marble quarries located in Turkey is very little in the whole world.

According to other marble types, the stones offered for sale at high prices are preferred as the main application stone in many projects due to its white structure

It is also used in general floor coverings and in special areas such as fireplaces and columns. White Dolomite Marble is in great demand especially in America and Arab countries.

Blocks of white character extracted from Marmara region are processed as slab and cut-to-size material in our factory and made ready for project based.Our sales are made from stocks at the factory.

Due to continuous demand, 2 cm polished slab production is being done continuously.

Blocks are taken as selection base and cut for production planning for dolomite demands made on a highvolume when project basis is necessary.

Technical Specifications
Marmara Dolomite
Extra, Spider, Bianco, Carrona
3 (Mohs)
2.82 gr/cm³
Pressure Resistance
169 kgf/cm²
Water Absorption
%0.22 (by weight)
TS EN 1469 TS EN 12058 (TS EN 1936, EN 1936, EN 12524 ,EN 12524, EN 13755, EN 12371, EN 14066 EN 12372, EN 14579, EN 1925, EN 14231, EN 14157) TS 5994 EN 12670
Usage areas
Step Application, Wall Coating, Application, Indoor Floor, Outside Ground
Air Effect
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